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14 May 2018

paperback thrones' picks: doc edge festival 2018

Documentaries are my favourite genre of film. Raw, informative, and usually beautifully shot, they provide a window into parts of the world we'd never normally set foot in. 

I was lucky enough to head to Sheff Doc/Fest a couple of years ago – where the documentary master Louis Theroux was premiering his feature film, My Scientology Movie – and revelled in the experience. 

It's exciting to me then that Wellington has its own doc fest, now in its 13th year. Already underway and on until May 20th, screenings are showing at Peter Jackson's architectural lovechild: the Roxy Cinema in Miramar. I've never been and I can't wait to. 

Fun fact: over half of the feature films in this festival are directed or co-directed by women.

Here are my top picks of what's on:

Thank you for the rain

FRI 18 MAY 2:30pm
Another with climate change at its centre, 'Thank you for the rain' focuses on a Kenyan farmer through the rollercoaster ride of flash floods and devastating droughts. Here, we can understand the everyday of our changing world.


SAT 19 MAY 4:15pm (with Q&A)

This is the story of Sandy Hook Elementary School, and one of the deadliest school shootings in American history.

Call her Ganda

SAT 19 MAY 5:15pm (with Q&A)
26-year old Filipina transgender woman, Jennifer Laude, is murder in her motel room, by U.S. marine Joseph Scott Pemberton. Those she left behind grapple with her loss, and how perpetrators rarely find justice.

Anote's Ark

SAT 19 MAY 9:45pm

This film follows the Pacific nation of Kiribati as it attempts to find an answer to how it will face the harsh realities of climate change though the eyes of its residents and politicians.


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