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27 June 2018

a little life update

I'm writing this from LAX airport, nursing a coffee the size of my head in an attempt to struggle on with the day. 

Going back in time is bizarre isn't it – I left Australia at 9:30am Tuesday 26th June and arrived in California at 6:30am Tuesday 26th June. My body clock is fuuucked. 

Anyway, I realised it's been a while since I updated my blog and that a lot has happened as of late. For one, I've left New Zealand! After a whole year there I departed Wellington last week with a mad + amazing farewell, and headed to Melbourne, then to Sydney, and now I'm in the US of A. Slowly I'm working myself towards sunnier climes, and to home. A lot of emotions come hand-in-hand with taking that step but perhaps that's something I'll explore in another post, not when I'm immensely sleep-deprived and have a city with a population the size of the whole of New Zealand to contend with. 

Time's on my side at the moment; I have a few weeks to think, dream and write about the experiences I'm insanely privileged to have gathered. Keep those peepers peeled for more from me.

Also! If anyone has any recommendations for Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Vancouver I'd love to hear them.


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