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4 June 2018

a long weekend in castlepoint

Long weekends spell the perfect excuse to get out of the city. So, it was with the Queen’s Birthday public holiday this week that we decided to head to Castlepoint. Three hours away, its tranquility a world apart. 

My friends and I set off early on Saturday morning, finding ourselves waylaid by a series of pitstops that included driving through the clouds, the Rimutakas, and towards Savemart. I’d never been to the secondhand clothing emporium before and lapped. it. up. 

Six hours later (double the time the journey should’ve taken) we made it to the coast. We were staying at Castlepoint Holiday Park in a gorgeous self-contained cabin right by the sea.

We dumped our stuff and rambled fast, trying to get up the hill before sundown.

It was bloody beautiful. Meltingly so. The epitome of the magic of New Zealand. 

But home was calling, and darkness falling. We skipped back down to the bottom as the light began to fade.

Rain woke us on Saturday, along with news of a power-cut. Even so, our spirits weren't dampened. Instead we found a dry window of time to go see the century-old lighthouse up close. It was gorgeous and from the rocks we could see the whole of the amazing coastline. 

Currently I’m preparing to leave New Zealand – in two weeks I’ll be boarding a plane away from this wonderful place I’ve loved and learnt from. It’s nuts, and I haven’t really wrapped my head around it yet but this time in Castlepoint has been, in some ways, my parting gift. 

It's honestly the best place to spend a long weekend.


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