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19 August 2018

a sunday kind of love #29

It's been a week that's felt like a lifetime – forever ago now it seems (Monday) my family and I were gathered together for incredibly sad purposes. Thankfully though the week's close has lifted my mood considerably with a trip to Leeds and some lovely catch-ups with friends I have not seen for far too long. 

This week we also lost Aretha – the icon, the mother, the incredible woman. Last night we danced until the early hours to her hits in a funk and soul bar in remembrance, while today I've sat and read the many articles accumulating online about her impact and the sad twists in her fateful life. 

Here's what I've been reading:

- Being a woman means being bad-greedy or good-greedy; Lauren Bravo unwraps the politics of our every mouthful
- Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington join forces on Letters from a Hopeful Creative, a Dear Sugar for aspiring business owners, makers, and more.
- Snows of Aorangi makes me hanker for New Zealand


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