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25 November 2018

a sunday kind of love #31

I'm back from a week in Riga, Latvia's capital, which was bloody lovely. I don't know what I'd expected but the city surprised me a lot. Highlights included Central Market inside old air hangars, the Art Nouveau district, trying the interesting local grub (maybe not the Balsam - 45% herbal booze), and a beaut AirBnB. Our first day there coincided with the 100-year celebrations of Latvian independence from the Russian Empire, which we hadn't realised and which meant thousands of people lined the Riga streets. Huge light shows covered churches and streets, and fireworks blazed through the sky. I'll post more about the holiday soon!

Other things I've been enjoying:

Louis Theroux on Choosing Death – incredibly sad but insightful

I really like the lovely pictures in this York guide

Finally got around to listening to Sally Rooney on Literary Friction

Longform deep delve into the apparent sex recession


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