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12 November 2018

travel / arrowtown + queenstown

Once upon a time, people flocked to this place in search of gold – pioneers looking to make their fortunes. It was June when I headed down to Otago; I came to see the mountains one last time before I left New Zealand.

I arrived early without a plan. Suitably caffeinated, and after shaking the travel blues, I headed up to the Skyline gondola to see the view I’d been yearning for. 

It looked even more beautiful than before sprinkled with snow.

Back on the ground I wandered and wandered. Memories came back to me of our Summertime trip here, when three of us had rented a van and spent two weeks driving around the whole of the South Island. 

Queenstown had been a special part of that experience. Parking up by the Botanical Gardens after a heavy night in bars and clubs and spending a couple of hours on our beds, chatting and dozing while watching skateboarders and passersby. Wandering through parks and standing at the water, playing on the rope swing, and eating mouthwateringly delicious burgers.

I decided to take the bus over to Arrowtown after my great heights. I wanted a chance to see my favourite enclave dressed in Autumn’s colours. It was so peaceful there, so still. Quiet even on the bustling high street. It didn’t disappoint. 

The bus back rode through the Remarkables mountain range and the forests, around the lakes and over the rickety bridges. The air was cold, my fingers inside gloves clutching at the window, with eyes bursting to absorb everything. Every last tree, peak, and hideaway of dreams.

A few hours was all that was needed in Arrowtown, then it was back to Queenstown for a famous Mrs Ferg’s hot chocolate. The kind that’s pure and molten, sweet and soulful – one you'll always remember.

Goodbye for now sweet Otago.


Mrs Fergs - for the hot chocolate
The Sherwood - for sleeping


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